Friday, July 31, 2009


The funniest thing that happened today- a guy was walking all hip hop cool with a total chilled out swagger when, oops! Drops his milkshake! He almost walked away from it but seeing me point and laugh decided to swagger on back and pick it up- but he didn't lose one iota of what he thought of as smoothness while doing so. He didn't say one word either, I woulda been all, " Fuck me! My mutha Fuckin McShake! Now how'm I gonna bring the boys to the yard? FUCK !"

I also discovered a new name for a ballbag while laying out by the pool with Brian- I opened my eyes to find him sitting up next to me and down this scary tunnel of swim trunks was an elephant knee just waiting to be named.

Oh and on the side of the Strip Clup " The Body Shop" which famously appears in The Crue's song " Girls Girls Girls" ( Mrs Garrett is in no way involved with or affiliated with Montley Crue) it says " Nudie Cuties" I was sold but Brian missed the turn.

Songs for the Day- Grizzly Bear- the Knife and En Vogue- Never gonna Get it


  1. those first two paragraphs I found hilarious.

  2. If you do song for the day every day, I'll put you on my bookmarks bar.